Hayman Reese Electronic Brake Controller

  • Solid State (No Moving Parts)
  • No Hydraulic connections
  • No levelling required
  • Compact size, mounts almost anywhere
  • Three year warranty
  • Unique “Sync” adjustment for different trailers
  • LED indicator light
  • Fingertip output control
  • Soft-touch variable manual control
  • Meets all regulations regarding tow vehicle/trailer stop lamp activation
  • Includes mounting bracket, hardware & installation instructions
  • For 12 volt negative earth systems only

Its simple operation, slim design and wide range of mounting options make it the perfect choice for today’s towing vehicles.

Since the Hayman Reese Brake Controller has no moving parts or pendulums to adjust, it can be mounted in virtually any position.

Mounting bracket and hardware are included. Its slim design and contoured shape are combined to provide more under dash clearance than any brake control on the market today. A conventional four wire hook-up is illustrated in easy to follow instructions.

Complete with Sync-Control the driver can control the rate of brake application from soft to aggressive my simply moving this control forward or backward. Trailer brakes may also be manually applied by squeezing the Brake Controller’s manual control, located on the front of the unit. This also activates the trailer and tow vehicle’s stop lights when brakes are applied. A perfect way to help trim trailer sway.