Hayman Reese Hitch Park

The intelligient solution for deterring theft and storing your Weight Distribution Head.

Hayman Reese.have developed a dual solution for anti-theft and storage problems of WDH heads. Introducing the new Hayman Reese Hitch Park, the fi rst of its kind in the market

How it works:

The Hayman Reese Hitch park is mounted onto the A frame of a caravan. It suits all 2”wide A frames from 3” – 6” deep . The lockable hitch pin is then inserted through the hitchreceiver and the shank simultaneously to secure it in place.


  • Suitable for A frames which are 2”wide and 3” – 6” deep
  • Lockable hitch pin included
  • Premium black powder coated fi nish
  • Aesthetically designed