Type 8 Roobar (ECB Bar)

Product Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • ADR Compliant
  • Air Bag Compatible
  • Spot Light mounting Tabs/Provision
  • Lightweight
  • Full Frontal Protection
  • Hi-Tensile Alloy

The Type 8 Bar provides optimal vehicle protection without adding any additional weight to the front of the vehicle. Light in weight, Type 8 Bars generally weigh 12kgs yet being manufactured from hi-tensile mandrel bent tube, add functional protection to your vehicle.

Type 8 Bars are available in Mirror Polished Alloy, and look fantastic when powdercoated in ECB’s range of attractive and durable powdercoated finishes.

Full Frontal Protection

The ECB Type 8 Bar is ideal for vehicles which require full frontal protection without increasing the weight on the front of the vehicle. The Type 8 Bar provides functional protection to the vehicles bumper, grill and headlights as well as the vital cooling equipment inside.

Spot Light Mounting Provisions

All ECB Type 8 Bars feature welded spot light mounting tabs on the middle horizontal tube.

This allows for optimum and secure placement for auxillary lighting.

Note: Maximum of 1.75kg per tab.

Tube Materials

The tubular construction of the Type 8 Bar ensures great strength. All ECB tubes are T6 Hi-Tensile alloy extrusions which are mandrel bent on ECB’s state of the art, fully automated Mandrel Bender.

This provides for smooth bends at exacting and consistent measurements.

The centre tube of the ECB Type 8 Bar is generally manufactured from 63mm x 4.75mm tube and the wings are 44 x 3.25 mm tube.